Features Metal Sheets uPVC Sheets
Heat Insulation 100 times Higher thermal Conuctivity High Thermal Resistance & Low Thermal Conductivity
Sound Insulation High Disturbance & Noise Pollution Low Disturbance & Noise Pollution
Chemical Resistance Highly Corrosive & Non-Resistant to many Alkalis & Acids Non-Corrosive & Non-Resistant to most Alkalis & Acids
Mechanical Strength High Strength, though can’t pass Truck Test Enough Strength to comply with Roofing standards, passes truck test Successfully
Flexibility Angle of Bending ability is Limited.Need Crimping for arch type. Arch type Roofing Possible without Crimpling
Usage / Service Life Dependent on Corrosion Generally in Service life for more than a Decade.
Water Resisance Leakage through expanded Joints. Water contact causes Corrosion. Water Resistance, No corrosion & Self Cleaning System.
Environmental View Non eco Friendly & High Energy Attractors. High Sound Polluters. Highly energy efficient, Complies with ECBC 2007.
Safety Measures Sharp & Cutting & Difficult to Handle and Install. Can cause Accidents Not sharp. Easy to Handle and install. Not hazardous.
Resale Value Very low. Negligible. At least 25% of urchased maket Price anytime.
Electrical Conductivity Yes, Hence risk of Shock. No, safely is Maintained.
Economical Installation Weight per sq meter High. so need heavier purlins Weight per sq meter Low. so need lighter purlins
Durable Coating is Laminated. Hence can Remove. All the Layers are Extruded. So can’t Remove.
Commercial Economy Comparatively cheaper but adding Cost of insulation it is much More Expensive Comparatively Expensive but No need for cost of insulation it is “Value for Money”
Maintenance High Maintenance, as joints expand in summer & water leaks in Monsoon Low or o Maintenance if Installed Correctly

Heat Insulation

Reduce Outside heat by 10% to 35% thermal Conductivity 0.104W/MC atleast 100 times less than Metal Sheets.

Highly Durable

Tensile Strength : above 25 MPA
Flexural Strength : above 50 MPA
Impace Strength : Passes all Testing parameters

Fire Retardant

Oxygen index : 35' c
Smoke Consistancy : SDR-55
Horizontal firing : grade Fv-0
Flate Burning : FH-1 class B1 retardant

Eco Friendly

Energy Efficient, ECBC 2007 100% Recyclable, non-carcinogenic

Corresion Resistance

Acid-Proof, Alkali-Proof Insensitive to most Chemicals

Sound Insulation

High Frequency noise educed by 6 Times, Low Frequency noise Reduced by 3 times.

Long Life

Long life and High Weatherability.

Easy Installation

as Light Weight

Cost Effective

Save Constuction cost upto 50%

Water Resistance

Self Cleaning system Leak Proof System

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